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New LIMITED TIME classes are now being offered! See the schedule for more details.
We ARE having classes on Monday, January 15 as scheduled. Sign up for a trial of a new class online now!
Studio News
January Newsletter
We now shift our focus to learning our recital dances and new, shorter commitment classes! You may bring a CD to your teacher and we will burn your music for you to practice. Performing Group kids get ready for competition time to begin. You should be doing even more practicing, asking any last questions about the dances, and turning on those smiles/getting into character! Film dances if needed, both competition and recital! As winter goes into full swing, keep updated on any closings by checking our website, Facebook page and remember some days such as professional days for teachers and Martin Luther King Day, even though the schools are closed we remain open!
Important Dates

5th - Entry fees are due for Starquest dance competition.
12th – Entry fees are due for Talent On Parade dance competition.
13th – Master Class with OCU professors Kari Shaw, Alana Martin & Kelli Stevens: Tap 10:00- 11:00am, 12:30pm-2:00pm for ages 5-9 jazz; 2:30-4:30 ages 10 & up. $60 for both tap and jazz or $35 for just tap or jazz.
15th – 19th – Crazy hair week! Show us what you’ve got! Be creative!
Referral Program
We have a referral program that we want you all to be a part of! Stop by the office today for a few of our free trial class business cards. Simply put your name on the back and get to handing them out to everyone you meet! Leave them everywhere, when you’re out to eat, at the Dr. Office, while grabbing coffee, at the post office, library, etc. We want this to be a mutually beneficial program so below is what you will get for helping us get new students in the door: When you have up to 5 new people who come in with a card with your name on it, try out a class, sign up and pay their enrollment fee and first month, you will get $5 off the next month for each person. If 7 referrals sign up and pay their enrollment fee plus their first month with a card under your name, you will get a gift card to a local business, restaurant, etc. If 10+ referrals sign up and pay their enrollment fee plus their first month with a card under your name, you will get entered in a drawing in May for a whole year’s free tuition for next year!
Welcome to our Studio!
Welcome to our studio and our 2017-2018 dance season! Whether you’ve been with us for years or just found us, we know you’ll enjoy your time here and find it to be your new dance family and home. If you need anything or have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! We are here for you. Talk to our wonderful office staff, catch a teacher before or after class, call 794-7133, message us on Facebook or email danztchr[at]sbcglobal[dot]net anytime! If you are interested, we offer Auto-Pay by check or credit card to be debited on the first of each month through our program, so stop by the office to set up today if interested.
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