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What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

Great studio with a diverse staff and schedule. The teachers are pleasant and very patient, always making sure the kids are getting the steps and learning the best way possible. They are very supportive of the kids, even in their other activities. It's a very fun environment of varying ages and talent levels. Even with their competitive classes, they are very focused on technique and not just learning a dance full of tricks. I think that they are simply wonderful!  

Angela, Parent

This is an excellent dance studio. I highly recommend that you come to A Step Above. It's perfect for all ages. They have mommy and me classes to competition classes to classes for adults as well. Their staff is so kind, well-mannered, and good teachers of both dance and discipline. I've seen such an improvement in not only my daughter's dance ability, but also in her confidence and things she now does that she may have never considered doing before dance!

Christine, Parent

I love it here! The teachers make it fun, but are still tough enough where you learn A LOT! We are a family and I've made so many friends through the years here, friends for life. A Step Above is the best studio around!

Isabella, Student

It is refreshing to me to see age appropriate dances being taught. The costumes are age appropriate also. The owner holds a high standard. There are many dance studios where teachers yell and scream at the kids, but here the teachers are friendly and helpful. I always see the excitement from the kids, young and old, when they are getting ready to go into a class or even when they are coming out of a class. It is such a happy place. I would encourage you to enroll in this studio. This studio is like a family and very kid friendly.

Cynthia, Parent