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Performing Group

A Step Above School of Dance is dedicated to providing exceptional dance instruction to students of all levels. Our Performing Group is a select team of dancers who have been invited to participate based on their hard work, dedication, and skill. This group performs on stage at various dance competitions and in the community, sharing their love of dance with others.


Be sure to check back in on this page in January to see the Performing Group competition schedule. We'd love to see them perform. Bring the whole family: All competitions have free admission!

Community Performances

Our Performing Group is always looking for new opportunities to showcase their talents and bring joy to the community through dance. Our annual nursing home performance is not only a great opportunity for us to come together as a dance community, but also to give back and share the gift of dance with those who may not have the chance to experience it otherwise. 

Dance Competitions

Our competitive program is designed to teach our dancers the skills they need to excel in any setting, while also instilling a love of dance that will last a lifetime. We believe that winning isn’t everything – it’s about the journey and what you learn along the way. We work hard to help our dancers achieve their goals and become the dancers they want to be.

2024 Photo Gallery

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