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  • Tuition is due the first day of every month and considered late after the 8th - a late fee of $15 will be assessed.

  • Payment is accepted in the form of cash, check, and credit cards through Square in person and on our payment page  (2% processing fee applicable).

  • A $25 fee will be accessed for any returned payments.

  • In the event you should miss a tuition payment or scheduled performing group costs, you may be enrolled in Auto-Pay.

  • If late payments become a continuous issue, then the child may be dismissed from the studio completely.

Studio Classroom Policies
  • All students must treat their instructors and fellow classmates with respect.

  • Tardiness is frowned upon. Students need to be on time to get the most of their class and warm up to prevent injury.

  • Please no gum, pop, food or hard candy in the dance rooms as they pose safety hazards and have potential for making a mess.

  • Students may bring bottled water if it has a spill proof lid or cap. In fact, bringing water is encouraged. 

  • Please note that if a child is very late or being overly disruptive, they may be asked to sit out during class or leave. If disruptive behavior becomes a continuous issue, then the child may be dismissed from the studio completely.

Studio Closures
  • We follow the Moore School District calendar. We close only for Labor Day, Fall Break in October, Halloween night, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break in Dec./Jan., and Spring Break holidays.

  • The studio does not close for Monday, Tuesday or Friday breaks such as teacher work days, TNT day and/or parent/teacher conferences.

  • If there should be weather issues we will post closings on our social media pages and end an email. When there is a weather situation during the day, we will make a determination by 3:00p.m. that day whether the studio will close.

  • Make-up classes for weather issues, student or teacher absence should be made up within two weeks of the date missed in a similar class age and genre on a different time and day.

General Policies
  • Families who do not comply with their tuition or fee payment obligations may be excluded from recital. 

  • We are unable to take responsibility for our students before or after their scheduled classes and it is the responsibility of the parent to ensure their child is picked up and dropped off in a timely manner. In the case of an emergency or unavoidable delay, please contact the studio immediately to inform us of the situation so we can keep your child calm and safe until they can be picked up.

  • For the safety of your child, please drop off and pick up your dancers 8 years old and under at the door, before and after class. Please instruct your child to NOT leave the lobby without a parent, teacher or office manager.

  • It may be necessary for instructors to place hands on the student for proper placement and correction of body alignment, choreography and instructional purposes as well as spotting skills & body assessment.

Social Media Policy
  • As we all know, social media use is common. This policy is intended to provide students and families with guidelines for the use of social media regarding A Step Above School of Dance (ASA). When using ALL forms of Social Media (including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, etc.) all students, parents/guardians, staff members, and instructors must adhere to this Social Media Policy. Read our 2024 Social Media Policy here 

Anti Bullying Policy
  • A Step Above School of Dance (ASA) provides classes for students of all levels, but more importantly we strive to offer these classes in a positive, nurturing, and encouraging environment. Our classes provide opportunities for students to build confidence, strengthen their skills, and to reach their individual dance and performance goals. For this reason, we will not tolerate bullying. Read our 2024 Anti Bullying Policy here

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