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Tuition & Fees 

Monthly Tuition

Monthly tuition is due on the 1st of each month regardless of absences, closures, etc. Make up classes are available. Tuition is calculated based on number of classes per student or family.

1 Weekly Class: $64 per month

2 Weekly Classes: $94 per month​

3 Weekly Classes $120 per month

4 Weekly Classes $160 per month

5 Weekly Classes $195 per month

6 Weekly Classes: $215 per month

7 Weekly Classes: $250 per month

8 Weekly Classes: $270 per month

9 Weekly Classes: $300 per month

10 Weekly Classes: $325 per month*


*There is a student/family cap of $325 per month. Any additional classes over this would be free. This does NOT include any private lesson payments. It is just for regular weekly classes.

Enrollment Fee

This is a non-refundable, one-time annual fee due at enrollment. $40.00 per student

Recital & Costume Fees

Recital Fee: $50 due Nov 15

Costume Fee: varies (see below) due Dec 1.

  • Combination Classes (Ballet/Tap, Ballet/Tumbling, Tap/Jazz Combo, Ballet/Jazz/Hip Hop, Hip Hop/Jazz/Tumbling, Jazz Combo): $95

  • Stand-alone Classes (Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, Tumbling/Acro, Hip Hop, Mommy & Me, Pointe, Pom, Pom Prep, Modern, and Musical Theatre): $70

  • Private Lesson (Solos, Duets, Trios): $70

  • Performing Group Costume fees: $150


Students are NOT required to purchase a costume or perform in the recital, but a costume must be purchased and the recital fee paid in order to perform in the recital. All tuition and other fees must be up to date in order for us to order your costume(s). Costume fees are not refundable.

Trial Class

We invite all dancers to try a class in advance before signing up for a full session. You do not need dance attire/shoes for the trial lesson. Wear something you can move in (ie: leggings, dance shorts, tank top, t-shirt).and barefoot works great.

Trial Class fee: $0

Private Lessons*

  • Solo (30 minutes/week): $50 per month

  • Solo (1 hour/week) $100 per month

  • Duets/Trio (30 minutes/week)s: $40 per person per month

  • Duets/Trios (1 hour/week): $75 per person per month

* Those doing a solo, duet, or trio are required to take a regular class in the genre of dance they are performing in addition to the solo, duo, trio. This applies to Performing Group, private lessons and those just wanting to do a private for recital. Privates for Performing Group start in August and recital privates start in December.

Missed Classes

The season includes 35-39 class meetings including recital dress rehearsals. In the event of absences, inclement weather cancellations, power outages, and/or state of emergencies, we issue no refunds.

Dancers are welcome to make up a missed class anytime throughout the season in a comparable class. Dancers do not need to schedule a makeup in advance and may simply come & inform the the instructor.

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